Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dear Chad,

Happy Birthday! Happy 30th Birthday!!

I had a very long blog post written out that was all cute and sentimental. But I deleted it. It kept making me cry and I knew it would make you cry too.

So...instead of being all sweet and cute (because let's face it..that's not my strong suit anyways)...I'm going to post super cute and funny pictures from your childhood.

Look it's Layla! Oh wait...it's not Layla...you had a Layla look-alike!

I can hardly handle the cuteness in this picture.
Is that bottle attached to a hose? Yup - Carter and Chad look exactly alike.
Oh yea buddy - I am SO publishing pictures of you in a sailor suit! TWO OF THEM.
Are you sitting on a beer box for a booster seat? Yes...yes you are.

Ok...maybe a tiny bit of cute sentimental...ness:
I guess I don't know what made me so lucky as to have found you, but I hope you know how lucky I feel that I did. It may take days like your birthday or our anniversary for me to verbalize this to you...but you are the most wonderful person I have ever met. And I love you so very much. Happy 30th my love.

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