Friday, August 28, 2009

Ninja Monkey

At Carter’s 12 month checkup, our beloved pediatrician instructed us to take him out of the crib, “once he started climbing up on furniture.”

I guess he is slightly worried due to Carter’s height and ninja monkey abilities that an escape from the crib will happen in no time.

So we have been watching Carter ponder the height of furniture for a few weeks quietly hoping that he would wait to climb up on anything. And have been trying to distract him away from climbing with toys and food.

No such luck. He’s up on the couch and chairs.
This video does not fully show how quickly he can get onto furniture...but you'll get the idea.

Now, I understand the doctor's viewpoint and appreciate his concern for Carter's safety...but I respectfully disagree (read: plan to blatantly ignore).
I just can’t bring myself to take a 13 month old out of his crib. And when anyone argues this topic with me…my only response is “he just started sleeping through the night a few months ago…do you really think removing the railing (read: cage aspect of it) and allowing him access to toys is a good idea?

I will revisit this topic when I have seen Carter actually try to escape from the crib...or he turns 2 (read: 3 (ok ok read: 18))

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