Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Maybe I'm not a morning person

3am - Carter wakes up and starts crying. I give it a few minutes before I run in (the Dr said that he needs to learn to go back to sleep on his own). It works. He falls back asleep after about 15 minutes.

4:45am - Carter wakes up. His molars hurt. I rock him, binky him, rock him more and give him some baby meds

5:45am - back in bed

6am – kitty wants to know what all of the movement is about. It HAS to mean I want to pet him right? He jumps in the bed and starts purring and walking in circles around my head

7am – Chad’s up and getting ready for work

7:15am – kitty gets trapped in the bedroom with me and then wants out…so he’s batting at the closed door non-stop

7:30am – Carter’s up and wants me to come get him. I know this because he’s crying and yelling “MAMA” loudly (and unhappily)

7:45am – I go downstairs to find out that kitty has had a party last night pushing everything off counters (including the freshly cut and dried chives).

8am – Carter gets into the non-baby proofed pantry cabinet (we ran out of the magnets). He pulls out the nutrigrain bars, opens the box, rips it to shreds, opens two nutrigrain bar wrappers, sits on one (leaving nutrigrain stuck in interesting places), and smashes the next into the kitchen floor.

8:01am – Why the heck isn’t my coffee done brewing yet?

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