Monday, August 24, 2009

He has a mustache

Yup. Chad has a mustache.
If you’ve seen him around town (or in pictures on this blog)…allow me to answer the burning question: No…he has not taken a new job in the adult entertainment industry. He’s in a mustache contest. Yup…a mustache contest.

So, as if him playing fantasy football isn’t geeky enough, he now has a mustache for the mustache contest that will be held at his fantasy football draft.

Again…let me break down this situation for you. He gets together with a group of adult men, they pick a fake team of football players so that they can have fake scores and fake games. For those of you that were geeky in high school you may think this sounds a lot like Magic the Gathering. And you may be correct.

I’m told it’s ‘not like that’…because there are less things said about evil elves and sword fights and more sitting around with beer in a dingy bar fighting over some football players stats.

I still Love you Chad (even though I want to ask you when you got off your shift with the California Highway Patrol everytime I see you...and I hummed the theme song from Magnum PI all Friday morning).

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