Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Danger....blogging about Canada ahead

Having been an art student in college (specifically a design student) I have to admit that I am freakishly obsessed with signage. Mainly signage with people icons. I love it when there are “don’t stand under this extremely heavy falling rock” type signs with icons running away from the rocks while a rock hits his back…and there are little lightning bolt looking shapes coming off his back.

I don’t know how to explain the phenomenon better than that. Sorry.

Plus … a sign that says “danger” just seems like an appropriate way to open my blog post about Canada. If the guy climbing the fence on this sign looked more drunk and stumbley … it would have been even more appropriate.
What seems like a million years ago (but was actually last month) … we took a vacation to Canada with Dave and Vanessa. We wanted to relax, eat, drink, gamble, drink, sight-see, drink, party, etc etc. And we did.
Here is a brief timeline of Canadian events (with some events purposely left out):
- Driving toward hotel ... stopped for drinks at mexican restaurant (owned by a nice Greek man...who invited us back for a birthday shot for Dave)
- Check into hotel with beautiul room (although oddly setup) with the most amazing views.
- Dinner (they forgot to cook Chads lobster ... must be someone in Canada isn't standing by the lobster pot clapping and anticipating the "lobster scream" like us mean killers in the US would do).
- We found out that fireworks were visible from our room. Now, I tend not to use this word often...but it was 'awesome'
If you can see in my poorly-taken picture...this is us lined up like little duckies on the couch watching the fireworks from our room
- Sightseeing the next day:
- Dave and Chad unintentionally looking alike...
- Dave and Chad intentionally looking alike (sorry Dave, but your expression while playing that game was effing priceless)
- Chad looking...like...well a guy with weird glasses on (seriously kayne...why you gotta make people sell crappy styles like this?)
I guess to sum the trip up...we had fun. A lotta fun.

I think at one point Vanessa calculated that Chad drank more than a case of beer (himself) on Saturday. That’s my hubby.
But in his defense...drinking is fun

And not to worry - we went back to the Greek-owned Mexican restuarnt for Dave's free birthday shot.

And then we put on hats and acted like crazy (read: drunk) tourist. I feel that this is a necessary part of travel.

Maybe this should become an annual trip....???

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