Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chuck Taylors

For those of you that knew me in high school, you know that I wasn’t the cheerleading type, or the go-to-every-school-event type, the nerdy type (although this one could potentially be debated), the cool type, the anything normal (for high school) type.

I was sort of the arty, not-stand-out but not-fade-into-the-background type that did my own thing and was happy doing it. I don’t think I actually came into my own (as some people say) until the end of (or just after) college. I just sort of floated along doing my artsy thing and leaving people alone.

But one thing was always for sure, I wore converse.

Every single day in high school (only some in college). I drew on them, glued stuff to them, painted the tips of the toes, washed them, got them dirty again … I loved my converse.
So, you can imagine my surprise when I found out that there are baby converse. And they fit Carter’s chubby little feet (with a little encouragement).

On a side note: I am not trying to make Carter look gansta' here...nor is he wearing boy capris...these shorts are just a little too big on him...and tend to sag.

On another side note: yes, he has figured out our child-proofing. He's really living up to this nickname (Ninja Monkey) by breaking through the baby-proofing in the new house already.

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