Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Carter's Room

With so many good intentions for Carter’s baby nursery left unfinished when I had to go into pseudo bedrest (in the last trimester of pregnancy)…I had some pretty lofty dreams for Carter’s room at the new house.

It’s still a work-in-progress…but here is where it currently stands:
This isn't the most amazing view...but it will help you to envision how it's setup
This picture shows the "nook" that the room's theme is based off of. It was a girl's room when we bought the house. So the flowery (pink) wallpaper had to be removed. And then the room was painted this cool blue-ish....green-ish color...
and I painted this abstract tree around the nook....
My intention for the nook is to later paint wood planks on the inside, put a rail and some sort of step up...and then create a little "Tree House" for Carter. As of right now...it's just a place for his stuffed animals to hang out.
We also added this little birdhouse. I plan to paint it and potentially put a nightlight in it.
The cow may not fit the whole 'woodland'/'treehouse' theme. But it's just really freaking cool. My parents got this picture for my nursery when I was born. And when Carter was born they brought it for his nursery.
Here is an upclose picture to show you the coolness that is...this picture
This picture just sort of shows the last corner...

I will update with new pictures as I update the room.

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