Monday, August 31, 2009

No No...Mommy LOVES Black and White Pictures

And mommy loves going to the park/hiking/doing anything to get some energy out of the little man.

Mommy Likes Black and White Pictures

Friday, August 28, 2009

Ninja Monkey

At Carter’s 12 month checkup, our beloved pediatrician instructed us to take him out of the crib, “once he started climbing up on furniture.”

I guess he is slightly worried due to Carter’s height and ninja monkey abilities that an escape from the crib will happen in no time.

So we have been watching Carter ponder the height of furniture for a few weeks quietly hoping that he would wait to climb up on anything. And have been trying to distract him away from climbing with toys and food.

No such luck. He’s up on the couch and chairs.
This video does not fully show how quickly he can get onto furniture...but you'll get the idea.

Now, I understand the doctor's viewpoint and appreciate his concern for Carter's safety...but I respectfully disagree (read: plan to blatantly ignore).
I just can’t bring myself to take a 13 month old out of his crib. And when anyone argues this topic with me…my only response is “he just started sleeping through the night a few months ago…do you really think removing the railing (read: cage aspect of it) and allowing him access to toys is a good idea?

I will revisit this topic when I have seen Carter actually try to escape from the crib...or he turns 2 (read: 3 (ok ok read: 18))

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Last year...

I can't help but be sentimental sometimes.

Last year, this week…this was Chad and Carter

This year – Carter is still suckin' that same binky … (I can't take it away...he's getting his molars and they make him hurt and cry a lot...poor little guy).
And Chad…well…he has a mustache now.

Monday, August 24, 2009

He has a mustache

Yup. Chad has a mustache.
If you’ve seen him around town (or in pictures on this blog)…allow me to answer the burning question: No…he has not taken a new job in the adult entertainment industry. He’s in a mustache contest. Yup…a mustache contest.

So, as if him playing fantasy football isn’t geeky enough, he now has a mustache for the mustache contest that will be held at his fantasy football draft.

Again…let me break down this situation for you. He gets together with a group of adult men, they pick a fake team of football players so that they can have fake scores and fake games. For those of you that were geeky in high school you may think this sounds a lot like Magic the Gathering. And you may be correct.

I’m told it’s ‘not like that’…because there are less things said about evil elves and sword fights and more sitting around with beer in a dingy bar fighting over some football players stats.

I still Love you Chad (even though I want to ask you when you got off your shift with the California Highway Patrol everytime I see you...and I hummed the theme song from Magnum PI all Friday morning).

Sunday, August 23, 2009

First Haircut

We brought Carter (and his gigantic mop of hair) to a kids haircut place this weekend. We both wanted to wait as long as we could – what can I say…we liked the fro.

But after much consideration (and a few funny looks from strangers) we broke down and booked an appointment to get it cut.

Here are some "Before" hair pictures:

Here are some hair cutting pictures (I omitted the ones where he was screaming and pounding his fists):

An "After" picture (of him glaring at me wondering when I will put down the camera):

And he has this cute certificate to remember his first haircut by (and a weird little baggie of hair). Say it with me ... awwww.

Aunt Gretchen

Last weekend (yea yea I'm slow) auntie Gretchen came to visit. And we got to babysit little Jillian too!

We ate, we partied, we played, we ate more, we drank, we changed poopy diapers...

Chad campaigned for us to have 5 kids again...

We had a great time. Thanks for coming to see us Gretchen! We love you!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Who moves in the day after Christmas?

Some years ago, Chad and I moved into our first apartment together (as a young unmarried couple that still had a lot of growing to do together).

Now, most couples look back to their first apartment together and laugh at how small it was and how nothing worked, etc. Not us. Our first apartment was actually a beautiful townhouse with 5 bedrooms (or so the landlord said….it was more like three with some extra space in the non-heated attic), a beautifully renovated kitchen, and the two coolest neighbors ever.

We moved in, settled into our routine (get up, go to work, get home, drink, yell at each other because we were both learning how to live with someone that was more than a roommate, go to bed, and so on).

One day, one of our neighbors (who moved into their house the day after Christmas…seriously….who moves in the day after Christmas) asked if we wanted martinis in the driveway. OF COURSE WE DID…and where have these wonderful men with martinis been all of my life?! So we had martinis. And that was it. After that we hung out in their backyard for the remainder of our lease.

And even though Chad and I have been through two moves (and said neighbors keep threatening to move) we all just know that no backyard (or family room, or living room, or whatever) is too far away.

Those two wonderful men are Trad and Michael. And it just so happens to be Trad’s birthday.

Trad, I can’t tell you how lucky I feel to have met you. I’m so happy that we ended up neighbors, and more importantly that we all became friends. You are truly one of the coolest people I have ever met and I hope you have the most wonderful birthday.

We all love you very much.

And to prove it, I made a Trad birthday video (don’t judge it’s crappy-ness though…I am still learning this new program….by your next birthday the quality of videos will be much improved – I promise).

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Maybe I'm not a morning person

3am - Carter wakes up and starts crying. I give it a few minutes before I run in (the Dr said that he needs to learn to go back to sleep on his own). It works. He falls back asleep after about 15 minutes.

4:45am - Carter wakes up. His molars hurt. I rock him, binky him, rock him more and give him some baby meds

5:45am - back in bed

6am – kitty wants to know what all of the movement is about. It HAS to mean I want to pet him right? He jumps in the bed and starts purring and walking in circles around my head

7am – Chad’s up and getting ready for work

7:15am – kitty gets trapped in the bedroom with me and then wants out…so he’s batting at the closed door non-stop

7:30am – Carter’s up and wants me to come get him. I know this because he’s crying and yelling “MAMA” loudly (and unhappily)

7:45am – I go downstairs to find out that kitty has had a party last night pushing everything off counters (including the freshly cut and dried chives).

8am – Carter gets into the non-baby proofed pantry cabinet (we ran out of the magnets). He pulls out the nutrigrain bars, opens the box, rips it to shreds, opens two nutrigrain bar wrappers, sits on one (leaving nutrigrain stuck in interesting places), and smashes the next into the kitchen floor.

8:01am – Why the heck isn’t my coffee done brewing yet?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chuck Taylors

For those of you that knew me in high school, you know that I wasn’t the cheerleading type, or the go-to-every-school-event type, the nerdy type (although this one could potentially be debated), the cool type, the anything normal (for high school) type.

I was sort of the arty, not-stand-out but not-fade-into-the-background type that did my own thing and was happy doing it. I don’t think I actually came into my own (as some people say) until the end of (or just after) college. I just sort of floated along doing my artsy thing and leaving people alone.

But one thing was always for sure, I wore converse.

Every single day in high school (only some in college). I drew on them, glued stuff to them, painted the tips of the toes, washed them, got them dirty again … I loved my converse.
So, you can imagine my surprise when I found out that there are baby converse. And they fit Carter’s chubby little feet (with a little encouragement).

On a side note: I am not trying to make Carter look gansta' here...nor is he wearing boy capris...these shorts are just a little too big on him...and tend to sag.

On another side note: yes, he has figured out our child-proofing. He's really living up to this nickname (Ninja Monkey) by breaking through the baby-proofing in the new house already.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cuyahoga County Fair

I'll just open this post by saying - I am disturbed that I can honestly say that I have been to TWO fairgrounds this summer. Two. That is probably two more fairgrounds than I have ever been to any previous summer... or two more than I have ever been to ...ever.

But, there are reasons fairs can be fun.

1.) There are signs like this. If you don't find this more than likely don't find my entire blog funny.

And I have to add that there was a giant inflatable cow at the entrance to the fair as well (and by 'giant' I mean like almost two stories tall). And I had to stop Chad from sitting under it (I could have had a romulus and remus-ish photo). AND there was a fake cow with rubber fake udders that people could milk. There are no words to describe how weird I find this.

2.) There are animals at fairs.

Here is Bryce showing Carter chicks

Grandma showing Carter bunnies

And some other random animals standing/laying in their feces

3.) There is beer at fairs. Of which I don't actually have pictures of...i just thought I should point that out.

4.) Fair rides. Carter went on the Merry-go-round for the first time.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I am not one to pass on funny websites. But...

This is so funny I had to read it twice just to justify how hard I laughed the first time. I wish I could track this person down (not the one representing the home owners association) and have he or she ghost write on this blog.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Carter's Room

With so many good intentions for Carter’s baby nursery left unfinished when I had to go into pseudo bedrest (in the last trimester of pregnancy)…I had some pretty lofty dreams for Carter’s room at the new house.

It’s still a work-in-progress…but here is where it currently stands:
This isn't the most amazing view...but it will help you to envision how it's setup
This picture shows the "nook" that the room's theme is based off of. It was a girl's room when we bought the house. So the flowery (pink) wallpaper had to be removed. And then the room was painted this cool color...
and I painted this abstract tree around the nook....
My intention for the nook is to later paint wood planks on the inside, put a rail and some sort of step up...and then create a little "Tree House" for Carter. As of right's just a place for his stuffed animals to hang out.
We also added this little birdhouse. I plan to paint it and potentially put a nightlight in it.
The cow may not fit the whole 'woodland'/'treehouse' theme. But it's just really freaking cool. My parents got this picture for my nursery when I was born. And when Carter was born they brought it for his nursery.
Here is an upclose picture to show you the coolness that is...this picture
This picture just sort of shows the last corner...

I will update with new pictures as I update the room.

Danger....blogging about Canada ahead

Having been an art student in college (specifically a design student) I have to admit that I am freakishly obsessed with signage. Mainly signage with people icons. I love it when there are “don’t stand under this extremely heavy falling rock” type signs with icons running away from the rocks while a rock hits his back…and there are little lightning bolt looking shapes coming off his back.

I don’t know how to explain the phenomenon better than that. Sorry.

Plus … a sign that says “danger” just seems like an appropriate way to open my blog post about Canada. If the guy climbing the fence on this sign looked more drunk and stumbley … it would have been even more appropriate.
What seems like a million years ago (but was actually last month) … we took a vacation to Canada with Dave and Vanessa. We wanted to relax, eat, drink, gamble, drink, sight-see, drink, party, etc etc. And we did.
Here is a brief timeline of Canadian events (with some events purposely left out):
- Driving toward hotel ... stopped for drinks at mexican restaurant (owned by a nice Greek man...who invited us back for a birthday shot for Dave)
- Check into hotel with beautiul room (although oddly setup) with the most amazing views.
- Dinner (they forgot to cook Chads lobster ... must be someone in Canada isn't standing by the lobster pot clapping and anticipating the "lobster scream" like us mean killers in the US would do).
- We found out that fireworks were visible from our room. Now, I tend not to use this word often...but it was 'awesome'
If you can see in my poorly-taken picture...this is us lined up like little duckies on the couch watching the fireworks from our room
- Sightseeing the next day:
- Dave and Chad unintentionally looking alike...
- Dave and Chad intentionally looking alike (sorry Dave, but your expression while playing that game was effing priceless)
- Chad a guy with weird glasses on (seriously kayne...why you gotta make people sell crappy styles like this?)
I guess to sum the trip up...we had fun. A lotta fun.

I think at one point Vanessa calculated that Chad drank more than a case of beer (himself) on Saturday. That’s my hubby.
But in his defense...drinking is fun

And not to worry - we went back to the Greek-owned Mexican restuarnt for Dave's free birthday shot.

And then we put on hats and acted like crazy (read: drunk) tourist. I feel that this is a necessary part of travel.

Maybe this should become an annual trip....???