Friday, July 24, 2009

On Leaving Lakewood:

There are a lot of things I’ll miss about Lakewood. One specifically, the crazies. I love the crazies. The sketchy people you enjoy watching (from a safe distance). Chad and I truly enjoy sitting on our front porch watching the crazies go by. I get the feeling that we won’t get that in Strongsville. Not that people aren’t crazy there – just that people are probably only crazy behind closed doors there.

I’ll miss being able to walk to friends houses, parks (read: bars), stores, the music & arts center for Carter’s music classes, etc. I will miss the Nature’s Bin, Lakewood Park, the Lakefront, close proximity to downtown Cleveland, being able to walk to get beer, you know…the cool stuff.

I won’t miss the terrible politics and taxes here (I have drafted and then deleted a few long-winded blog entries about how much Kevin Butler and other Lakewood council-clowns suck, but all it comes down to this summary of my thoughts: you’re an effing useless ass clown Kevin…and nobody is dumb to the fact that you are ONLY a councilman because you wanted to list it on your resume…because you do NOTHING worthwhile for this city).

I digress.

I guess there are a few things I won’t miss. But what it comes down to is – I’m actually really sad to leave this house and Lakewood. It was my first house. It was my first house with Chad. We bought this house unmarried … with no children…just wanting to party.

We fixed it up, partied, got engaged, partied more, got married, partied (with Christmas ale), got preggers, and had our first child. So this house is pretty special to us.

As I pack up, I am having little moments of sadness just knowing that we’re leaving.

I guess I could say, this week is slightly emotional for me. I’m not a crier (I’m actually not emotional what-so-ever)…but we’re leaving our first house and my baby is turning one.

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