Tuesday, July 21, 2009

First Steps!

Carter has been walking with his walker and hippo (and everything else he can climb on or push around) for quite awhile now. But he hasn't shown any interest in standing or walking on his own (without assistance).

...until today.

We wondered why such an active little guy wasn't walking just yet...especially since he was so good at walking when holding on to furniture and us.

Well, this morning (while on the phone with my parents) my dad made the comment that maybe he just needed a little confidence that he could do it on his own. So we gave it a try.

And here is what happened:

His First Steps (on his own) at 50 weeks (or for non-week counting people)...almost 1 year.

Note: this video isn't the best example of how far he went tonight. Nor is it the best angle to take a video from (since the stupid ginormous tv takes up the entire background) ... but my focus was elsewhere. I'll get better video VERY soon.

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