Friday, July 24, 2009

Messy Little Eater

Now that Carter wants to feed himself, mealtime has become a whole new (messy) adventure. But cute is this?!

On Leaving Lakewood:

There are a lot of things I’ll miss about Lakewood. One specifically, the crazies. I love the crazies. The sketchy people you enjoy watching (from a safe distance). Chad and I truly enjoy sitting on our front porch watching the crazies go by. I get the feeling that we won’t get that in Strongsville. Not that people aren’t crazy there – just that people are probably only crazy behind closed doors there.

I’ll miss being able to walk to friends houses, parks (read: bars), stores, the music & arts center for Carter’s music classes, etc. I will miss the Nature’s Bin, Lakewood Park, the Lakefront, close proximity to downtown Cleveland, being able to walk to get beer, you know…the cool stuff.

I won’t miss the terrible politics and taxes here (I have drafted and then deleted a few long-winded blog entries about how much Kevin Butler and other Lakewood council-clowns suck, but all it comes down to this summary of my thoughts: you’re an effing useless ass clown Kevin…and nobody is dumb to the fact that you are ONLY a councilman because you wanted to list it on your resume…because you do NOTHING worthwhile for this city).

I digress.

I guess there are a few things I won’t miss. But what it comes down to is – I’m actually really sad to leave this house and Lakewood. It was my first house. It was my first house with Chad. We bought this house unmarried … with no children…just wanting to party.

We fixed it up, partied, got engaged, partied more, got married, partied (with Christmas ale), got preggers, and had our first child. So this house is pretty special to us.

As I pack up, I am having little moments of sadness just knowing that we’re leaving.

I guess I could say, this week is slightly emotional for me. I’m not a crier (I’m actually not emotional what-so-ever)…but we’re leaving our first house and my baby is turning one.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

First Steps!

Carter has been walking with his walker and hippo (and everything else he can climb on or push around) for quite awhile now. But he hasn't shown any interest in standing or walking on his own (without assistance).

...until today.

We wondered why such an active little guy wasn't walking just yet...especially since he was so good at walking when holding on to furniture and us.

Well, this morning (while on the phone with my parents) my dad made the comment that maybe he just needed a little confidence that he could do it on his own. So we gave it a try.

And here is what happened:

His First Steps (on his own) at 50 weeks (or for non-week counting people)...almost 1 year.

Note: this video isn't the best example of how far he went tonight. Nor is it the best angle to take a video from (since the stupid ginormous tv takes up the entire background) ... but my focus was elsewhere. I'll get better video VERY soon.

Tuesday's random thoughts:

Is it wrong that I asked Chad this morning why Carter can't have a snooze button?

Monday, July 20, 2009

I’m a terrible terrible blogger lately

So much has gone on lately, and I have barely blogged about any of it.

So... I’ll give you the cliff notes version:

- Trad, Danielle, Bradley, Carter and I went to the zoo: - Chad and I started packing (i don't have pictures of this just yet..please stand by)
- Carter got a zebra:
- Carter stopped eating jarred food (literally overnight)
…and started feeding himself (more to come on this)
- We found out what happens to Carter’s hair when it’s humid out
- Carter learned that licking the floor is fun (sigh) - There were more touching moments with Layla

And of course, fun was had in other countries...but I'll save that for another post (here is a sneak peak though (from the G-Rated stuff)):

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Whatcha Doin' Daddy?

Now that Carter moves around the house easily, he is very very interested in EVERYTHING. He has busted through some of the baby proofing already too.
This is Chad changing our dining room (read: poker room) light - and of course Carter wanting to know what's going on...

t-minus one week and one day until we have a dining room AND a poker room. Yup - it's like we're real people now.

Boxing Day (read: week) in Lakewood:

It’s officially the week before our move. We get the keys to the new house on Monday (the 27th). So this week starts our week of moving boxes and packing madness.

So what better time to leave the country right? Oh yea, I said it. We went to Canada with Dave and Vanessa this weekend for some much needed ( Dave would say, “we needed those last few drinks like we needed a hole in the head”…) relaxation, partying, yummy food, partying, sight seeing, partying, etc.

Some PRICELESS photos from Canada will be posted this week – I PROMISE.

As for my lack of posting lately: I’m busy (packing and moving) and have writers block. I just don’t know what else to say about it.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Crossroads of the N A T I O N

Ok, now I know you’re going to be all “look Mrs. GotFam, it’s awfully early to be making fun of your new hometown … being that you haven’t even closed on your new house yet and all…”

But…I have to get this out. SOMEONE out there will think this is as funny as I do.

After google-stalking my new soon-to-be hometown tonight … I found out that it is referred to as ‘The Crossroads of the NATION.’ Ok…now, all jokes aside….ahhh haaa…ok…no…no…all jokes right up here in front.

This is hilarious to me. FREAKING hilarious. Cross Roads of the Nation.

Not Chicago, not fill-in-the-blank major metropolitan area between the east and west coast of the country…screw those wanna-be cities. My soon-to-be town of 45,000 people and one rockin’ mall…that’s where it’s at America. It’s the cross roads of our NATION.

It just reminds me of the tagline that runs through the Daily Show’s opening, “The most important news show EVER.”

Disclaimer: I do like my new soon-to-be hometown. I just think this statement is super ... super funny.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Three Years Ago Today

Three years ago today, it was a Wednesday. It was a rainy Wednesday.

I left work at about 5:15 and Chad had already called me twice to find out when I'd be home. Not typically a slow driver during rush hour, I was driving about 10 miles per hour under the speed limit since it was raining so hard. To the point that people were stopping on the shoreway going through downtown Cleveland because of the flash floods.

So the next time Chad called to see when I was going to be home, I snapped at him, “why are you rushing me?”
Chad, “umm…beeecause I’m hungry…”
Me, “then order a pizza or something…”

You can imagine my surprise when I walked into my house and found a trail of rose petals and notes. The notes were on stationary that chad had made from pictures of us. And he had hand written letters about our relationship and how much he loved me in each note.

As I walked along the path of rose petals and read the notes, I cried (and I’m not a crier). There was roses, rose petals, an amazing dinner set on the dining room table and (surprisngly) no animals...they were locked in a bedroom so they wouldn't eat rose petals.

I got to the top of the stairs (in the century home that we had lovingly (and painstakingly) fixed-up) and there was Chad in a full suit. I found out that the reason that he kept calling was because our century home had no ac (at that point…when I got pregnant…I put a quick hault to our lack of air). So, of course, he was sweating his cute butt off.

He had a whole speech prepared about how honored he would be if I would marry him (most of which I don’t remember because I was sobbing at this point). And then he presented the most gorgeous ring I had ever seen.

Needless to say – I said yes. Three years ago today.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Layla (also known as "Oggy") could possibly be the best dog ever. She even entertains Carter

Monday, July 6, 2009


Everyday when Chad gets home - Carter goes NUTS. He crawl stomps around and screams daDA until Chad picks him up.

And then he goes crazy playing like a maniac. He screams, he yells, he laughs, he loves daDAA time.

Trad came home!

We were starting to think that Trad was in the witness relocation program. But he came home! And Carter remembered him just fine!

And then we psycho stalked Trad and Michael all weekend - they can't get away from us now!

Carter was estatic.

He and Michael practiced walking.

Lakewood has started a mandatory recycling program

Now, on one hand – I think bravo to them. Bravo for trying to not destroy the planet, bravo for being environmentally responsible, blah blah blah.

On the other hand, I think, “are you effing kidding me…” for sending out bike cops to inspect our trash and fine us when we accidentally throw a beer bottle (haa…ok purposely throw a few hundred beer bottles) away in the normal trash.

I have a big problem with this. When you call the police with a problem…they don’t respond for a very very long time, or they act rude to you on the phone. Apparently because their officers are occupied leafing through our trash.

Maybe the problem is me. I am all for recycling (and we did recycle for a very long time...until a few months ago..I forget why we stopped - but I promise to start again soon). I just don’t want someone to tell me to recycle and punish me when I don’t. For those of us with authority problems…this causes a big big issue. So, I guess it's the cop part that I have an issue with.

We close on our house in less than 3 weeks – and I think it will take every bit of restraint to not yell 'Pacific Blue' references at the bike cops inspecting trash between now and then.

Below is Carter recycling. He says, "What's the big deal mom...just recycle already..."

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Enough Cheese to put it in a can and spray it directly into your mouth

New Digs

The unthinkable has happened. The GotFam has finally found a new home. After months of failed attempts to sell our current house and buy a new one…it may actually be happening.

I should throw in the whole “pending” status disclaimer. Just in case something happens…people aren’t all, “why won’t she blog about something else … she keeps blogging about selling her house and it always falls through.” To which I say, “shut it.”

At least I stopped blogging about my failed attempt to win a “look how cool I am” award.

We signed all of the paperwork to purchase a new home last night. And almost immediately Chad cracked a beer and his blood pressure sky rocketed at the thought that we own two homes (for the next two days).

We will be moving this month. So, expect to see a lot of frantic, “why do we do everything so last minute” posts coming soon.