Thursday, June 11, 2009

The ugly shoes

We have been trying to find summer shoes for Carter for almost 2 months now. I kid you not. But he has these Fred Flintstone feet (I say lovingly) that won’t fit into any shoe known to baby. I tried following the shoe size guide, I tried shoving his fat little foot into shoes to find ones that fit …nothing.
So I broke down and bought him crocs. Now, all soap boxes aside (somewhat) … I hate crocs. I hate them. And not just because the person that owns crocs is one of the biggest supporters (financially) of the Republican National Party (ok..that is 99% of the reason) but also because they’re ridiculous. I don’t know how this fab came about…it’s like we all want to look like we work in the ER.

Maybe they’re really comfortable, or maybe they do your dishes when you’re tired, either way – I’m not a fan of crocs.

But my kid’s fat feet fit in crocs. So I broke down. If another Bush ever gets elected to office … I will spend the rest of my life feeling guilty.

But yesterday, I found these sandals. Now, I’m not going to say they’re aesthetically pleasing. But they fit – and they don’t slip off (a fatal flaw of the crocs).

So, I was quite pleased. They fit him, they stay on his feet and he seems to not care if they’re on. So win win right? Nope.

Chad took one look and said, “my god honey – do those serve an orthopedic function…they’re terrible.”


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