Monday, June 1, 2009

To Sitter or not to sitter...that is my question

Being a stay at home gives you this weird aching guilt that you shouldn’t ever have someone watch (babysit) your child. I can’t put my finger on why. I always feel guilty about it. So I rush to get everything done when Carter’s napping or when Chad is watching him. Yet – I have a few things that are difficult to get to (doctors appointments, house cleaning, hair (yea…I said it!), etc). So…we’re looking for a sitter. Someone to watch Carter for a few hours every other week.

Now, since my entire family lives in other, various states…I can’t guilt my family members to watch Carter when I want to run out and have my hair done and frolic through boutiques sipping out of my flask of whiskey. And Chad comes from a very very small family…that we already push our luck with for babysitting.

So I have started my search online. There are sites that actually advertise sitters…and I admit I am fascinated with this! I can’t get enough of these sites! I love the profiles that people have – specifically, I love the reviews that their previous clients gave them. I find that sometimes – I read them…for fun!

Come on, if your best review says, “she showed up on time - everytime!” then maybe you should rethink posting reviews. Just post your profile. Jazz it up a little.

Or are my expectations too high? I actually expect a sitter to show up on time, just like I expect them to not be drunk when they show up, I expect them to flush the toilet after they use it, I expect them to not put all of my clothes on and run through the house in them – which, in my head are all normal and attainable expectations.

I mean – I’m not expecting a British woman to float out of the sky with an umbrella. But, finding the perfect sitter that loves kids and is excited to come hang out with Carter – I think that’s possible.

A few jobs ago (I love that I can say that), I worked at a start up company in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. It was great. I had this fabulous office (the kind with real walls…that went all the way to the ceiling…and weren’t padded) – this job was the one before my last corporate job (the one that somehow took all of my experience and threw it all down the crapper – and tried to turn me into a secretary – but – no hard feelings PARKER).

But the best part about the Chagrin job – nanny-robics. Our offices happen to be located right next to a world renowned nanny school. And at the same time each day – the nanny students would do (what looked like) aerobics … sometimes with dolls! It was fabulous. We would all simultaneously stop working - grab our coffee and sit on the tables by the windows (that faced the nanny school) and shamelessly watch and laugh our assess off. It was so surreal that this was happening in this quant little goofy town in Ohio. It was so Manhattan-ish.

Yet here I am – a few years later. Wondering who will treat Carter with respect, care, love…and I find myself thinking about the nanny school. Maybe one of the nannies decided not to work for some wealthy family on the east side that just wanted to throw nice cars and money at her … and instead wants to babysit for me once every other week.

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