Monday, June 29, 2009

Tidbits of a very normal conversation in the GotFam household:

While signing papers to sell our house (this past weekend):

Realtor: … here is the lead-based paint disclaimer form...
Me: I think maybe if you don’t chew on windows or painted trim, you’ll be ok.
Buyer: I’ll keep that in mind…I’m thinking it doesn’t look appetizing though
Me: Yea…but you may have a drunken night…and you just can’t know what will happen
Buyer: I’ll try to stay away from the paint

Me: So, specifically how much paint would you have to consume in order for the lead-based chemicals to harm you?
Realtor (looking annoyed): I’m not sure
Me: And can it actually kill you, or does it just run the risk of making people dumber?
Chad: Honey…only you
Me: I kind of want to know now…I have more questions about this…
Chad: My wife asks a lot of questions
Me: Fine, I’ll google it later

In case anyone is wondering; a few things that came up in my research(this is JUST ONE thing):
“Consuming lead paint (as an adult) can lead to a reduced attention span”

Now, if you know my husband…well, i’ll leave it at that

Disclaimer: lead-based paint can be very dangerous for children, pregnant women and anyone that ingests it (willingly or unwillingly). Please keep children away from lead-based paint and always read safety guides on lead-based paint and all household dangers – to ensure your families safety

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