Monday, June 22, 2009


Yesterday was a big day for the GotFam for so many reasons:

1.) It was father’s day. Which is super cool because it was Chads first Father’s Day and my dads first Fathers Day as a grandpa. So it was really cool to spend the day with Chad and Carter while watching them interact and play.

2.) It was Layla’s birthday. I’m a terrible doggy mommy. I had her birthday marked down on the calendar and then completely forgot. I have scene’s from ‘Marley and Me’ running through my head as I type this and it makes me feel so bad. Needless to say – it is being made up to her. She had her birthday McDonalds ice cream cone last night (and fatty mommy had one too). I’m not sure how this tradition started – but we can’t change it now.

So happy 7th (read: 49th) birthday Layla. You’re the best big doggy sister ever.

3.) We had an offer on our house that we will potentially accept this week

4.) We walked through a house that we liked that we will potentially put an offer on this week

5.) We made ribs at home for the first time – and they were FABULOUS

6.) I finally watched the DVR’ed finale of Real Housewives of New Jersey. And it was all of the scripted drama that it had been hyped up to be. I love that train wreck of a show. So ridiculous, so unrealistic – such tv gold!

7.) Ohh ... and Carter said 'MaMa' for the first time. I want to think that he knew that he was talking about me (and has only been saving it for the perfect heart-melting moment). But I think he actually just mumbled something more like AH MUH MUH. But you know what – CLOSE ENOUGH.

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