Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spreading the Love

I have been trying not to blog about our housing dilemma. But this is just too funny. We have our house up for sale AGAIN. And we’re on a mad dash to find a new home (since we lost the one that we wanted to a higher bidder…a WAY higher …well you get the point).

Now, I find most of the real estate process to be funny. Realtors are funny, potential house buyers are funny, realtors are funny (did I say that already?), houses we walk through are REALLY funny, it's all very very funny.

While looking at some of the homes that came up in our search today – I stopped at one home's description. It said (I kid you not): “This house has been wonderful – it was our favorite house that we have ever lived in. There is love spread across every wall.”

Uhh…at the risk of sounding immature – that is SUPER funny.

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