Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More tidbits from a normal conversation at the GotFam household:

Chad: Honey – we only have 4 beers left in the fridge
Me: Crap…that’s not enough for a…Tuesday night
Chad: I’ll get more later

……..20 minutes later………..

Chad: I’m going to walk up to the corner store and get more beer
(understand that it takes less than 1 minute to walk to the corner store)
Me: We’re going to miss being able to walk to get stuff when we move
Chad: We’ll have to plan ahead better
Me: Or always have a keg in the kegerator
Me (wondering to myself): will we ever make it through a week without drinking?
Me (laughing at myself): Ahhh haaa….no

Chad (while walking in the door carrying beer): I got a ride home…because I was told that I looked like a degenerate walking down the street carrying a case of beer
Me: That’s cool

……..A few minutes goes by………..

Me: Wait, someone drove you home because you were carrying beer?
Chad: Yea
Me: Uhh…who?
Chad: My Buddy Ferone…because he said I looked ridiculous
Me: Haa…you got a pity ride on your beer run…it’s almost like a walk-of-shame
Chad: Close enough

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