Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Marsha Marsha Dooce

Ok, so the "Why can't I figure out how to vote for you" dilema has been solved. Here are 6 simple steps to help (so PULLLEZZZ vote for me):

1.) Click on the perty black icon to the right that says "Bloggers Choice Awards"

2.) This screen should come up (well, minus the big red arrow..that is for you to follow):

3.) Click on the "Vote here" icon (where the arrow is pointing)

4.) You will have to register for your vote to go through (and count). Do this by clicking on "Create One Now!"

Don't forget to put in the secret verification words (i forgot to put them in...because they're on the side...and easy to miss (which describes my whole high school experience)

This isn't because the folks at the Bloggers Choice Awards want to cyber stalk you, or find out your bank account number or blood's just there to help prevent cheating (people that just sit at their computer and vote for themselves over and over) and to make sure you're not some weird cyber alien trying to hack into their lovely (and well organized) site.

5.) Once you're done registering - it will send you an email (to make sure you didn't just make the email up...i know this because i tried...while making these instructions for you...and then my registration was lost forever in cyberland)

6.) away! But for me of course (screw know she's been at this WAY long and is WAY more interesting...but for once...the little guy should win!) (I still love you though dooce...kisses)

p.s. if you still have problems...i wouldn't blame you for being frustrated, or even ANGRY...but just email me and I will try to solve all of your problems (relating to this post). Their website has a lot of traffic (read: problems) and I am working with them (read: firing off angry emails at them) to make this voting process easier.

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