Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm almost done obsessing about this...

This is a total conspiracy (read: CRAP CRAP CRAP). I have tried and tried to email the peps at the Bloggers Choice Awards and nothing.

Nobody will respond to me. Yet my WONDERFUL readers are trying to vote for me – and they’re hit with a barrage of problems trying to vote.

If you’re having any of the following problems …join the club:
- An error occurs when you try to put your email address in – and the blogger peps say that your "email already exists"
- You go through the entire registration process and then get an error screen that just politely apologizes for completely wasting your effing time
- You register, vote and then sit back to drink your beer and realize later that your vote never actually went through
- You want to vote…but everytime you click on the cool icon it takes you to an error page
- You wish I would get over this whole thing - and go back to blogging about poop and squishy peas

It’s all a big conspiracy. I’m not sure for what yet – but it’s gotta be big. I wonder if Obama knows about this. Cheney HAS to.

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