Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fat Mommy Boot Camp

Yesterday was the start of a new mommy & me fitness class (I like to think of it as fat girl boot camp). I apparently plan to attempt every work out regime known to man (or…new mommies) in order to get into bikini shape.

I actually, have lost all of the pregnancy weight (yay me!). But…it seems that weight has…well, redistributed (putting it that way makes it sound ok). But I am just not ok with where it redistributed to. I think after the pregnancy and giving-birth process – mommies should be allowed to pick where the weight will be redistributed to. Sounds fair right?

I can only imagine what Carter must think of this class. A bunch of fat-crazed mommies bouncing and moving around smiling and singing to the babies – while actually looking like they’re in pain. Add this to the list of things that I do that more than likely confuses the crap out of him.

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