Thursday, June 25, 2009

Carter went to bed dirty tonight:

When Chad left for softball tonight, I had plans of feeding Carter dinner, playing and then starting bathtime … and a very long bathtime it was going to be since it was a particularly dirty baby day).

Today’s events went something like this:
- I was assembling the baby pool in the backyard when Carter found the baby sunblock container and unscrewed the top. He then proceed to pour the sunblock all over his head and face.
- I put Carter in the baby pool and he screamed.
- I cleaned him up and put him down for a nap.
- He got up from his nap an hour later and we went back outside to play in the yard.
- He finally wanted to go in the pool.
- I let him go in the pool in his onesie and normal diaper (I’m a new mommy…I sort of thought, "what's the big deal?").
- His diaper proceeded to soak up half of the water in his pool.
- I brought him back inside to change him and clean him up.
- I got his diaper off and then realized that my new box of diapers was still downstairs.
- I put a naked (diaperless) baby down in his room to play and hoped for the best.
- When I came back upstairs with his new diapers – he was standing at the babygate in his doorway peeing into the hallway (for those of you that know Chad, you can’t be too surprised).

Needless to say, Carter was pretty dirty from today’s events. So when Chad left for softball and I had all of these plans for a big long bathtime…I guess I didn’t take into account the massive thunderstorm headed towards Cleveland. When it hit, I thought nothing of it. I went about my business. And then it REALLY hit.

Lightning, thunder, more lightning (across the street), the local sirens started going off, you name it and it was very storm…y.

Now, if you know me…you know I HATE storms. I get very irrational and assume they’re going to produce tornados and I run for lower ground. So Carter and I went into the basement. Then the power went out…and I started to really freak out (so I called my parents to see if they could find out if we were in a tornado warning – I am telling you – I am mortified of tornados).

So when I heard rain in my kitchen…I assume that the whole house had fallen in and we were totally doomed. Really, the kitchen door had blown open and it was raining…into my kitchen. So me, being me (irrational about storms) I ran towards the door to close and lock it before we all blew away into the land of oz. And…then it happened. I fell. But it wasn’t that simple. It was more of a trainwreck of an event than just a simple fall.

I flew up in the air (oh yea – I caught air). My skinny girl arms and legs were flailing around like Kermit limbs, and I bit it…hard. And since I was holding Carter, I made sure that the side of the body with Carter was saved from the fall…so now my entire left side is all bumped and bruised. And my ankle looks all funny and puffy.

When Chad got home - he laughed at me and said that I am, "the only trainwreck he knows that could actually hurt herself inside during a normal Ohio thunderstorm." Yes, yes that’s me. I’ll own it.

So, Carter went to bed without a bath…because I can barely move. My poor little stinky baby. I promised him a big fun bathtime tomorrow with extra duckies.
This is a picture of a very very tired Carter - wanting to be picked up. Shortly after, he went to bed ... without a bath.

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