Friday, June 12, 2009

Carter said another word today

He has mastered “DaDa” now and even says it when appropriate (unlike the day he yelled DaDa and pointed at the nice man that brought our grocery bags to the car at Heinens).
But I have been crossing my fingers for quite some time now for a little “MaMa” action at some point. Every time I feed him, change his diaper, get him up from naps, etc – I say, “MaMa…I’m MaMa.” And point to myself while smiling really big.

This futile attempt at recognition only seems to make him giggle. Ha Ha…this lady’s crazy.

I have just been sitting back waiting for the day that he would come crawling up to me – point to me and yell “MaMa” and maybe even say “You’re the coolest mom ever MOM.”

You can imagine the emotional slap in the face I got when Carter went crawling up to Brutus today and yelled “Giddy!” Yup – that’s your effing kitty. Lucky kitty … gets a label. I’m just the lady that hugs you and feeds you and cleans you and plays with you all day….but suuuuuuure be excited over the kitty. The stinky-next-to-liter-box-pooping-kitty.

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