Monday, June 15, 2009

The Beach

I brought Carter to the beach for the first time today. In my head, he was going to be slightly intimidated by the crashing waves, shells and other pointy objects in the sand…you know – unfamiliar things. Nope.

I sat him down on the sand so that I could set up our towel and get the beach ball ready – and he took off crawling at warp speed for the water. Apparently water for as far as the eye can see is not even slightly scary for Carter.
So we spent a lot of time running into and out of the water (with mommy’s help). He laughed and squealed and thought that this was just the most exciting thing (outside of Layla) that he could possibly be doing.

And then he screamed when mean mommy made him leave….and screamed…and screamed…and screammmmmmed. I guess we’ll be in the market for a beach house…or we will just have to buy sand to put on the floor in the bathroom. I’m up for either.

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