Monday, June 29, 2009

As Auntie Regina said, “Carter is like a little ninja!”

Due to our little ninja and our petting zoo of mildly-manic animals, we have had to install baby gates throughout our house … a LOT of baby gates. I guess I could also blame the fact that this house has way more stairs than necessary to get from one floor to the next.

But really, when you’re buying a century home – dual stairs are pretty cool. Sadly though, when you’re buying baby gates - not so cool anymore.

So here's the baby gate breakdown:

Gate #1: In Carter’s bedroom door. It’s just necessary – I won’t elaborate. Ok I will (some), sometimes mommy needs a potty break...and Carter is only to be trusted in ear-shot to mommy.
Gate #2: Strategically angled to block off the back up-stairs, the dog food bowl (I guess babies like crunchy dog kibble) and the stairs to the basement.
Gate #3: This gate is at the landing of the basement (by our prized kegerator). This gate’s purpose is to block the dog from going into the basement and eating the cats food…thus causing the cat to poop right next to his liter box in retaliation. This gate was difficult to install, since it’s about a foot off the ground – so our poo-challenged cat can squeeze under it.

Gate #4: This gate was installed today. We had been avoiding installing a gate at the bottom of our beautiful wood stairs. Instead, we had piled some very large throw pillows. And surprisingly this had been keeping Carter from wanting to climb the stairs towards the second floor….until today...

...Today – while I was loading the dishwasher (read: over-dramatically singing along to Paula Abdul’s “Rush Rush”) Carter pushed one of the throw pillows to the side and climbed all of the wood stairs. By himself. And then he turned the corner in the landing and climbed the rest of the stairs to the second floor.

I found him splashing toilet water in the bathroom. Which is not only disgusting … but also total justification for an effing heart attack.

We were hoping to make it until we moved to finalize our baby proofing (since we thought he was pretty well contained). We were wrong. We close on this house in less than 30 days…and we fully plan to baby proof (even the things we cannot feasibly see him getting to) this week.

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