Friday, June 19, 2009

90% Mommy 10% Dirty Dirty Pirate

The Cheerio mobile stalled today … mid intersection. Now ... I should give you some background on the Cheerio mobile.

When I started working in Chagrin Falls (read: the other side of the planet for Cleveland west-siders) a few years ago I had a mini-break down about driving from the west side of Cleveland into the snow belt of Ohio everyday … in my tiny tiny Honda Accord. So, I thoughtlessly ran out and bought an SUV.

So, a few years later – my SUV is falling apart (and has been - pretty much from the second we drove it off the lot). Call it karma, call it …well…karma.

I was the girl that had always wanted to buy a mini cooper or a hybrid something or other … and I ran my mouth and made fun of people that drove SUV’s - saying how much money they wasted on gas – and how much they were ruining the environment, blah blah blah. Now – I’m wasting money on gas and I'm ruining the environment … in a large piece of crap-mobile that stalls in the middle of major intersections. If that isn’t karma, I don’t know what is.

Yet, I can’t bring myself to buy a new car. My husband has wanted to buy a new car for me for months (read: since I bought this one). He hates my car … HATES it. But I can’t justify buying a new one when Carter is getting to the age that he smashes cheerios into the seats – hence the name … the cheerio mobile.

So, (back to how this story started) the cheerio mobile stalled out in the middle of a major intersection today. And I want to say I reacted responsibly and put my flashers on. But…I just didn’t.

I freaked out and started using some VERY BAD words while waving my hands around rapidly as if I was going to fly us out of the intersection. And then I proceeded to swear while traffic honked at me forever (read: about 30 seconds).

In the next few weeks … if Carter says anything fishy … I’ll know where he heard that language. From his dirty dirty pirate-mouthed mommy.

(ironically, I dressed as a pirate for halloween this year - but the only picture I have from this is WAY inappropriate...)

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