Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wang's 30

Happy birthday to you Jeff. I'm truly sorry for creating, wearing and posting embarassing (created) images of you for your 30th. BAAAHAAAA...Ok, I'm not.

I promised everyone that I would take photos of Chad, Carter and I in our matching "Wang's 30" shirts...and I completely forgot to. I could edit us all into a photo with a cool background...but I won't insult you that way Jeff. I will just ask that everyone uses their imaginations.

Here is the image that was on Chad's shirt: Here is the image that was on my shirtAnd here is the image that was on Carter's onesieHappy 30th Wang. You old man you...

p.s. if we made shirts to embarass you for your 30th...what could we possibly have up our sleeves for your 50th?

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