Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Music Class Throw Down

A few weeks back, Carter was involved in a minor music class scuffle. It went down like this:

- The drum came out (this is a music class favorite)
- Mommy was slow in getting Carter up to his spot at the drum
- When we got to the drum, there was a very small opening left for Carter
- Carter slid in by his buddy Mason and a cute girl with curly red hair
- The curly red head wasn’t havin’ it
- She pushed Carter on the shoulder
- Carter glared at her in confusion and then pushed her back
- She pulled Carter’s hand off the drum
- Carter shoved her (I had to explain to Carter that this was very bad)
- She smacked Carter in the face (the other mom and I burst out into total laughter)
- Carter starts to cry and turns around for reassurance
- I hid the fact that I was crying/laughing at the baby throw down
- The other mommy has to remove the girl from the drum to tell her not to shove and smack other babies
- Carter is reassured and goes back to the drum…while glaring back at her every so often
- Meanwhile, Carter’s buddy Mason catches sight of what is going on…and keeps a watchful eye

I will try to keep Carter in neutral gang colors from now on.

Note: if you are wondering why the other babies look slightly blurry. It's because I blurred them. But not because I am one of those moms that is pushing other kids to the side. It's because I did not have any photography forms signed. And I realize that some people don't want to have their babies lives and photos plastered all across the internet.

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