Monday, May 11, 2009

Move Shmove

I fully intended to (and even typed out) a blog entry about how our house sale fell through. But after cooling down some, I think I will just sum it all up like this; our house deal fell through and we will continue to live here …and the should-have-been buyers of our house should not expect a Christmas card from us.

That being said, when we were planning to move I started to realize that there are a lot of things about Lakewood that I would really miss when/if we moved. I could make a huge list in fact.

Don’t get me wrong there are bad things about Lakewood (as there are with any city) and after someone tried to break into our house last fall, I started to focus on the bad (way too much). Then, after we (thought we) sold our house I began to feel sentimental and realized that there are way more things that I love about Lakewood than there are things that I don’t.

One thing, Lakewood park. Lakewood has the most amazing park. It seems to go on forever.
There is a pool, a ton of playground toys for kids, tons and tons of grass to play in, a view of the city that is unbeatable, a great (butt busting) ramp to the boardwalk (it’s really brick…but it’s a walkway by the water…so I think that qualifies it as being called a boardwalk) and it has crazies to keep us people watchers entertained.
What more can you ask for from a city park? Ohh ... and it’s walking distance for those of us that are still trying to shed the baby weight.

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