Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mommy needs some meds

Now I’m sick too. I have lost all of my ability to be witty or creative. Now I’m bound to say stupid crap like “cutie patootie” when referring to Carter. I'm sorry blog readers - sick mommy is boring blog mommy.

Hopefully I’ll be better by the weekend though. I start a mommy and me workout class with Carter tomorrow…so that is either going to set me over the sick edge and make me want to take a bath in Vicks Vapo rub…or it could make me feel better and I’ll be back to being witty and fun again.

Carter, however, has started to feel a lot better. His fever is gone and he is full of energy again. In fact – it’s almost as if he took a long hard look at all of the things he fully planned to get into when he was sick and made mental notes so that he could make up for lost time once he felt better.

He's back at the stairs - determined to get up them the second I turn around.

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