Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It puts the poop in the litter box – or it gets the hose again

In case you have been wondering - here is a Brutus Crap Update:

Brutus is still pooping right next to his litter box. WHY? WHY Brutus - WHY? You are such a cute little kitty.
We have tried all of the recommendations from the vet:

- We have two litter boxes – one for pee pees and one for poopies (oh yea…I said it…I’m a mom … what do you expect?). I guess kitties can’t possibly fathom using the same space for two separate bodily functions. He’d never make it in the college dorms.
- We put tops on the litter boxes so he would have more privacy (although it’s not as if we stand behind the door and laugh and point at him while he is trying to crap).
- We shaved him (see lion cut post) in case his hair mat was making him uncomfortable.
- We spray his kitty bathroom area with calming kitty spray.
- We feed him away from his kitty bathroom area – because like most others I know…pounding down a burrito while…well you know…it’s just not right.
- We hug him, play with him, and pay plenty of attention to him (when Carter is sleeping) in case he feels ignored.

Well, we have tried it all...almost. All but one potential solution. Kitty drugs. So we are now willing to discuss the kitty drug option with our vet. The vet described it like this; kitty is stressed out and needs to calm down to solve his “litter box avoidance issues.”

I guess I can understand feeling some avoidance issues with unpleasant things like an argument with a friend, or going to the dentist ... but crapping?

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