Wednesday, May 27, 2009

If you’re going to Babys R Us…don’t you just expect to hear a baby yelling or crying at some point throughout the store?

I was getting Carter out of the car at Babys R Us today and this overly anxious fake blonde (haa...who am I to judge) in her little silver jetta came flying into the parking lot. And then almost pulled into me...standing next to my car with the door open.

Now…most people would have:
A.) looked into a parking spot before pulling in
B.) just backed out and picked one of the other 50 equally as close parking spots

This woman was not most people. She stopped her devil car and waited….half in and half out of the parking spot for me to hurry to get Carter out of his car seat…while impatiently glaring at me. As if I was a huge inconvenience to her for having been born, and then having had a kid…that required a car seat and me taking time to get him out of said car seat.

So, I get Carter out of his seat and start to walk into Babys R Us…and she pulls in, practically runs into the store, prints her baby registry and starts her mad hunt through this weird, obviously foreign store.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Prior to having kids…I thought Babys R Us was a very weird place and I did my best to only venture in when forced to by someone’s baby shower registry. And even then…I was pretty uncomfortable seeing things called “breast pumps” and “wee wee blockers” and “nasal aspirators.” That being said – I didn’t glare at people who had kids…nor did I talk loudly on my cell phone about how annoying the kids were. In my head, that would sort of be like me going to a zoo and being highly agitated by the fact that this weird location had animals everywhere.

As I checked out – she somehow ended up right behind me. And Carter kept staring at her. And as if on cue – when her cell phone rang again…and she tried to answer – Carter looked up at her and started yelling at the top of his lungs… “AHHHHHHHHH- DADA AHHHHHHHH DA AHHHHHHHHHH” and she had to get off her phone. I looked at her, then Carter and loudly said, “Good boy buddy – you’re a very good boy” and happily checked out. TAKE THAT VILE WOMAN

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