Thursday, May 21, 2009

If i tunes were schizophrenic

I have posted before about how I am addicted to itunes. I have playlists for everything. At the moment I am listening to my “cleaning” playlist … in hopes that just playing it will somehow motivate the act that it is referring to. Although – my playlists never accomplish what they’re suppose to make me want to do – I don’t like being told what to do by itunes – maybe it’s my problem with authority. Perhaps a simple psychology trick will work…I could try to trick myself by naming them things like “eating nachos” or “NOT cleaning.”

There is really only one thing in common throughout all of my playlists. None of them have a format. I can try and try to categorize all “classic rock” into one playlists…but ‘Bust A Move’ always sneaks in somehow. Maybe I’m not a follow-a-format kinda girl.

I know there are states in the U.S. that allow radio stations to be format free….and I guess I should find one of those states to live in. Maybe then I would listen to the radio.

Some of the songs from the “Cleaning” playlist are:

Out of Range – Ani Difranco
Why Don’t We Do It In The Road – The Beatles
Army of Me – Bjork
You Might Think – The Cars
The Walk – The Cure
I’m a Thug – Trick Daddy
Blue Monday – New Order
Cannonball – Damien Rice
Mushaboom - Feist
Freedom – George Michael
Get Out the Map – Indigo Girls
Minority Report – Jay Z
Instant Karma – John Lennon
Somebody told me – The Killers
Human Nature – Madonna
Got to Give it Up – Marvin Gaye
Beat It – Michael Jackson
Set it Out – Nappy Roots
Walk this Way – Run DMC
Birdhouse in your Soul – They Might Be Giants
Free Fallin’ – Tom Petty
Concertina – Tori Amos

And no playlist is complete without - Bust a Move

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