Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am quite sure there are easier (read: safer) ways to get an Indians baseball

Yesterday, while playing in his baby-proofed bedroom, Carter decided to try to run (with the help of his baby walker). He got going slowly, then started to trot…then booked it in a full out screaming-while-running sprint…directly towards the corner of the crib. I’m sure anyone reading this can tell where this is going.

After his walker hit the boppy pillow (that I have snugly wrapped around the bottom of the crib so he won’t hit his head against the wood) the walker toppled over causing Carter to utterly take flight. He superman-ed it directly into the corner of the crib … forehead first.

Here is the scene of the accident:

Here is Carter's head:

Needless to say, mommy called the doctor to make sure his head was ok and they told me that he was more than likely fine…but he needed to be kept on close watch – meaning hourly eye dilation checks, wake ups every 3 hours at night, etc.

This morning he’s fine. In fact, the swelling on his head has gone down and doesn’t so much look like he will sprout a unicorn horn anymore.

The most ironic part of the whole night actually came from an Indians game. Chad and I were supposed to go to the Indians game with friends. However, after Carter’s fall the doctor recommended that I stay close by in case he started to throw up and needed to go to the emergency room.

So Chad and his friend Donny went to the game…and sat in prime foul ball territory…where a ball flew at Donny’s head. Now…for those of you that do not know me well … I’ll just say this…my athletic ability is well…just not there. So, had a baseball flown at my head…I more than likely would have matched Carter this morning. Instead though, Donny caught it and saved it for Carter to make him feel better.

So today, Carter has a new Cleveland Indians baseball and his first big bump. He’s a real boy now Geppetto.

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