Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Carter can walk (holding onto something), climb stairs (with carpet), drink jameson on the rocks (ok not this one), and squirt poo across the room

Our poor little man has a cold. And a bad one. It sort of appeared out of the blue yesterday. His little nose is constantly running, he coughs all of the time, and he has many other (very unpleasant) cold symptoms.

So we’re staying in some this week to get better. I have him all lathered up with baby vicks and I’m letting him stay in PJ’s all day long. I’d make him chicken soup if he’d eat it – but much like his mommy and daddy – he has been leaning towards comfort foods when he’s sick. Meaning, anything with cheese - specifically his squishy mac and cheese, veggie rosoto with cheese, anything with cheese.

I have always said that Chad would eat the dog if she had ranch dressing on her…well, it appears that Carter is that way – but with cheese. We all have our weaknesses…who’s to say what I wouldn’t do for chocolate cake.

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