Saturday, May 9, 2009

Beer I think

Sometimes when we watch the news at night…I notice that we have uniquely dumb conversations. Conversations that we would make fun of other people for having if they were on reality tv.

Chad: California is always on fire
Chad: isn’t it?
Me: I don’t think it’s always on fire
Chad: maybe not always…but 3-4 times a year
Me: 3-4 times a year
Chad: maybe 2-3
Me: where do you get your numbers?
Chad: it’s just on fire a lot
Me: define a lot
Chad: more than once a year
Me: more than once a year defines a lot?
Chad: for an out of control fire…yes
Chad: we had one in Cleveland and they named a beer after it! (referring to Great Lakes Brewing Company's Burning River Ale)
Me: that was when the river caught on fire…that was a very weird happening

.....5 seconds goes by.....

Chad: What were we talking about again?
Me: Beer I think

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