Friday, April 17, 2009

The zoo!

We brought Carter to the Cleveland Zoo yesterday. We have been to the indoor rainforest part - and he really likes that.

So we put on his little adventure hat and went to see the critters.

Little did we know, everyone living in Cuyahoga county was also going to be at the zoo...including a whole group of amish people (that I naturally became obsessed with...what can I say - I am fascinated with Amish people). Carter saw lions...

He saw a weird monkey thing (and i freaked out that he touched the dirty glass...and LICKED the window)...

He saw Koalas, kangaroos, camels, dingos, leopards, yaks, giraffes...

But his favorite, the pond. Yup - he likes water. Specifically, he liked the bubbling water part at the duck/goose pond.

He didn't quite make it to the bear exhibits, the polar bears, the monkeys, etc. It was just too long of a day for him. So he pulled his hat over his eyes and went to sleep.

We will be back at the zoo again very soon.

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