Monday, April 20, 2009

Things I forget about warm weather...

I love spring. I love being able to go outside. I love my front porch. I love my front porch swing. I just love warm weather (not hot...warm).

Every year when it finally gets nice enough outside to drive with car windows open – I remember certain warm weather things. Things that seem to slip my mind come fall.

Just like how people ‘forget how to drive in the snow’…we all forget things about nice weather too.

Things like:

1.) How it’s not socially acceptable to listen to Celine Dion with your windows down.
2.) The unspoken social etiquette of sidewalk walking.
3.) How people don't know how to wear flipflops that actually fit (every single summer I get all grossed out by seeing people’s heels hanging off the back of their flipflops…just get a bigger size already).
4.) Drinking dark beer in the summer isn’t as fun as it is in the winter … and the more I try – the more I am mad at myself for wasting beer.
5.) The Lakewood bad crazies come out. I don’t know where they were all winter…but they emerge when the sun comes out – and dwell in the center of Lakewood (around chipotle).
6.) The Lakewood good crazies come out. The hippies are back! And they’re all sitting in front of the coffee shop across from Caribou.
7.) The Lakewood Mafia. We haven’t figure out where they’re from, or what they do, or even what language they’re speaking…but they will be at the Caribou in Lakewood and Cravings in Rocky River now until fall…intimidating all customers equally.
8.) The radio will now play “summertime” by Will Smith entirely too much
9.) Girls wear skirts that are too short – and then sit like boys without thinking that someone may not want to be basic-instincted by them.

You know – I could go on with this…but I have to stop myself…

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