Sunday, April 26, 2009

There comes a time in your life when you think, “I just haven’t been to enough fair’s lately.”

We went to the Wooster, Ohio fairgrounds yesterday to the Home and Garden show (read: the “Amish people can build anything you want” show) with Chad’s mom. It was like walking out of the city and into …well…Wooster Ohio. Note: The photo above isn't the official Wooster County Fairgrounds photo ... it's just one of those random fairground-ish signs that I love.

There were horses, llamas, alpacas (honestly…I don’t know the difference between a llama and an alpaca), goats, chicks ...

and…wait for it….drum roll….a TRACTOR PULL. Oh yea…I said it. A tractor pull.

It’s really no secret that I am not a county-fair kinda girl. I just don’t fit into the whole show-your-cow-for-a-prize mentality. Yet (in this weird way) I find it all somewhat fascinating.

Carter loved being outside though, he loved the attention he got from grandma and all of her friends and he loved the animals. But most of all, he loved that grandma bought his first birthday present early (very early). He sort of picked it himself…and now we can barely pry him away from it.

So, bravo Wooster Ohio. You successfully entertained my son for the day. And anything that can make my kid happy enough and fulfilled enough to sleep through the night equals two thumbs up to me.

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