Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Staying Home

Since becoming a stay-at-home mom, I have heard everyone's opinion of this job. I don't necessarily remember asking anyone for their opinion, but it's one of those professions that isn't considered a profession and seems to be "open to conversation."

Stranger still, all of my duties (haa) are also up for conversation and daily reviews. By friends, family, passers by, you name em' and they have opinions. Are my floors clean enough, are my groceries perfectly lined up in the cabinets and always well stocked, does dinner look like it came from a picture in Good Housekeeping, etc.

One moron - by the name of Linda Hirshman, a "Professor of Women's Studies," went so far as to recently comment in an article in the Washington Post, "I guess working women are too busy at work to blog about their lives and are already on their way to their jobs when "Good Morning America" puts me on at 8 a.m." (to discuss another pointless article she had previously written that set the stay-at-home-mommies across the world into one gigantic shit storm of anger).

For starters, LINDA, (aka...professor of hairy under-arm studies) are you a mother? Do you have any idea what goes into raising a child?

Second, LINDA, (lady who shoulda' taken a computers class so you would realize that blogging is easy and takes 2 seconds) - women at (away-from home) work DO blog. I used to. My friends do.

Ever hear of the term being "dooced??" (www.dooce.com).

They just have to hide it so they don't get fired for "wasting company time." Which, after most of the companies I worked for, it is my opinion that most everything during company time is a waste of time period.

I.E, my previous job (at a huge company that I will not name) had mandatory stretching in the morning that was considered team building exercise time...and meetings about meetings - to schedule meetings that were geared to talk about bigger meetings...so don't talk to me about what people spend their time doing at work.

Which brings me to my final point - I work harder now than I ever did in ANY corporate job. ANY. And I had some very good jobs. And don't try to say that it was just my job...because if you have a corporate job - you spend 90% of your day on your ass in front of your computer. Which isn't a luxury I am afforded at my new job.

I guess my point is, leave stay at home mothers alone. Why do people question what stay-at-home mothers do? Why is there any challenge to whether or not I spend my time well?

I have heard friend's of Chad's say, "so and so just wants to have a baby so she can be a stay at home." As if squeezing a watermelon out of your who-ha (or being sliced from side to side as I was) is this effortless field day that ends with a lifetime of workless days and party-filled nights.

Looking back at my corporate life, I remember fondly being able to take a pee break without having the following thought process go through my head:

"What is he doing ... why is he quiet, maybe if i yell his name from the bathroom he will make a noise ... what is he into, he's in a perfectly baby proofed room - but is there anything in there he could get into, what if he bumped his head, hurry up pee stream, maybe i should stop peeing to check on him, ahh done, come on pants button, how fast can i wash my hands, did i just hear him, i should just use the bathroom when he sleeps."

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