Saturday, April 11, 2009

State of the House Address

It's 7am and Chad just went back to bed. He was up all morning (since 4) with Layla - who can't stop throwing up. There was doggy puke in almost everyroom in the house. Where she didn't the living room where Carter plays and in his nursery. Say it with me: GOOD DOG!!

The cat is chasing around Carter's play balls.

Carter is pooping...while standing in his exercauser.

I am blogging, while watching Carter's face turn red, drinking coffee, with a head ache (why why why do i always drink one glass of wine too many?) and watching our neighbor put his rug out on the front porch (which usually means somebody puked on the floor - but who am I to judge...I drank too much and Layla puked all how is our house different?).

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