Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So much to do - so much summer ahead...

Now, I realize that we don’t live in Antarctica. But after a long winter stuck inside in Cleveland Ohio, you get a little stir crazy. So when the warm weather came – everyone ran outside and didn’t want to go back in for anything outside of sleeping and using the restroom (unless you’re my husband).

We have brought Carter to the zoo multiple times now, a fair, the park, on walks, anything we can come up with. And he’s loving it.
Michael and I brought him to the zoo yesterday. How great is free zoo day! No comment on the sketch factor of some of the other free-zoo-day visitors.
And it wore him out completely.

In fact, he gets so worn out that we put him in his crib at night and he passes out without needing a book or his blanket or to be rocked…and he doesn’t wake up throughout the night. And we’re loving – well…because he doesn’t wake up throughout the night.

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