Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More fun outside

Who would think that swings at the park would be such a milestone? Although, quite frankly, when Carter spits up we’re standing there with cameras and clapping. What can I say, we’re first time parents…everything he does is amazing to us. And everything he accomplishes is one step closer to his mensa enrollment in my head.
We all know that come kid number 2 (or if my husband gets his way – kid number 5) some of these things will not seem so magnificent.

He had his first swing ride this weekend. Now, I am fully aware that baby swings are essentially buckets with foot holes … so it’s not such a huge accomplishment that he sat in the bucket while we swung him. But it’s still pretty cute.
And we tried the adult swings and slides and toys too.
Note: oh yea - that's a cavs jersey you see on Carter.

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