Monday, April 13, 2009

Here Comes Peter CottonTail

In my head, Carter was going to run down the stairs Easter Morning trying to catch the Easter Bunny leaving eggs around the house (that sounds gross...maybe it's because I had a pet rabbit..and she did leave things around the house for me).

Sure ... go ahead and ask yourself why I pictured Carter running down stairs, looking for bunnies and eggs, comprehending easter, etc. It's a valid question. And I can't honestly say why I picture these advanced things outside of, he just learns stuff faster than I imagined. He always surprises me.

He learned to stand all in one week (before he could really even crawl well) ... so what are we suppose to expect this week? Walking, running, talking, talking-back, girlfriends, driving, getting some girl in his highschool pregnant, I don't know.

We're just happy that he was excited to see new toys. Plus, Chad was happy that we put Carter in a little golf sweater vest and I was happy with the turtle easter basket from Target.

All in all, Easter was pretty fun for little Carter. He got to go to PA for the first time to see family and the easter bunny brought him all sorts of goodies and toys.

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