Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Coming to terms with being the stinky mom

Let me start off by saying – we have missed music class for over a month now. One week Carter was sick, two weeks he was napping (and it was right during sleep training – so I couldn’t mess with his naps), and one week music class was off for Easter break.

So when this week’s music class came up – we were ready. Carter had his normal morning routine; everything was gearing up to equal a good music class attendance. And then boom – he refused to nap. Ok, I can deal with that. I have distracted sleepy Carter into being happy before. So we get dressed and head out to class.

The background on this is that we live around the corner from the Beck Center where we attend class. Literally, you can see the building from our backyard. So – we walk. And I don’t usually bring the diaper bag.

So there I am, at class, ten minutes early. All proud that we’re there and clothed and not cranky and I think to myself, “what is that smell? This room smells weird.” Nope, that was my stinky kid. Who had poo-sploded.

Now, do I leave him in his poo and run the risk that he noticed and reacts? Or do I run home and change him as fast as I can? I can’t leave him in poo. If for some reason I pooped my pants – I would hate the person that made me sit in it. So we run. We change, and then we run back.
Now I stink. I am sweating. I’m the stinky mom. But at least my kid smells good.

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