Thursday, April 9, 2009


We have noticed a funny phenomenon for the last few days. Carter had pretty much mastered sleeping for naps and at night – when all of the sudden he stopped sleeping through the night.

But he didn’t necessarily scream for us to come get him. He just made a lot of noises in his crib and after a while would seem tired and fussy and the noises would die down.

So, we have been going about our business assuming that he was teething and were just happy that he was able to soothe himself back to sleep.

Finally, after his morning nap today – I realized what all of the nighttime noises have been about. He has learned to stand. And he thinks it the MOST FUN THING EVER.

If you're wondering why we didn't have the mattress (in the crib) on the very bottom slot - it's because our baby can barely crawl. He still drags himself to crawl.

And he just pulled himself into the sitting position a few days ago (for the first time). We honestly thought we had another month (or 5) before this madness began.

And I guess when you learn to stand in one place ... why not try it EVERYWHERE? He wants to stand in his highchair, he wants to stand on the side of the couch, he wants to stand on the dog, he wants to stand in the shopping cart, you name it - and his goal is to stand there.

So, mommy and Carter took an emergency trip to Toys R Us today to buy extra baby gates. I am baby gating the CRAP out of our upstairs. If he ever does break out of nighttime confinement - the last thing we want is for him to find the stairs.

Bravo Baby Carter - for always keeping us on our feet. You are bound to be an entertaining toddler.

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