Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Someone fell off the wagon (not literally - just in terms of sleep)

We're back on the no-sleep routine. Carter gave us a little glimmer of hope that he would actually learn to sleep through the night. And then he slowly ripped our souls out through our noses...one sleepless night at a time.

For a few nights - he only woke up twice a night for a quick binky replacement. But he is now back to his regular bedtime freakout and then waking up all through the night.

If he had his way - he would go to bed every single night cuddled into one of us. And if he had his way - he would spend every day naked pooping on our carpeting, eating only pears and applesauce (with his hands) while pounding on Layla's head with one hand and pulling electronics off shelves with the other. So...you can see why we can't just let him have his way.
The really strange part about all of this (non-sleep stuff) is that he sleeps like a champ for naps. I put him in his crib, he babbles to himself and plays with his crib toys for about ten minutes and then boom...he's asleep.

Needless to say - I called the Doctor again today to beg for any bit of advice that he may have been holding out on me before (in the 500 times that I had asked the same question). I have tried every sleep training method, every piece of advice from family, friends, doctors, books, random internet people, ANYONE. And nothing is working. We have been trying to sleep train him for months now. M-O-N-T-H-S

The doctor said, "Wow - you have a fighter on your hands!" So needless to say - we have our work cut out for us. We are now trying some far reaching/last resort (before we go nuts) tips.

Last resort tip 1: Put pictures of us on the wall. So that when Carter wakes up and wonders where we are - there are the freaky 1-D mommy and daddys staring at him. I can't make this stuff up - the doctor actually recommended this.

Last resort tip 2: An aquarium. Carter likes his crib music toys - but the musical ones only play music for about 2 minutes. The aquarium has fishies floating around while music (or water sounds) play for (what seems like) forever. And then the fish stop and the music and lights slowly fade out.

Yup - there are our smiley faces....freakishly staring down at Carter. I am contimplating adding word bubbles...that change weekly. If there were current word bubbles right now...mine could say, "remember these pictures Carter so that you can explain your parental paranoia to your therapist someday."

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Doug said...

Just a drop of Vodka will do the trick! One for him and a whole bunch for you!