Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Moving on out...

Well, we sold our home. I guess technically, it's "pending" since we have made it through the first inspection - but the second hasn't taken place yet (and that one is the hard one I guess). But whatever...I want to commission a sky writer to write it all over the sky that we sold our home.

Not because we hated our house or because we wanted to leave that bad - but because every Realtor we talked to said we should lower our price, expect long waits on the market - and some even said we should renovate our house - but still accept less money. Nope - 11 days on the market and it went pending - and at asking price. So shove it realtors!

We're actually moving because of Chad's long commute. He drives to Canton (near Akron) every single day. Which is a little over an hour in the car ... each way.

Now, I would like to tell you that we have another home lined up. But...we do not. We had a home lined up - but the company that owns the house (a relocation company) refuses to negotiate with us because our closing date is too far out still (they will only accept a 30 day close) and in their minds...buyers are falling out of the sky...all with 30 day closes in mind.

So, the saga continues...

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