Monday, March 16, 2009

Making Carter proud since 2008

Tidbits from an actual conversation at our house last night:

Me: The news just had a segment on blue herrons nesting in the metro parks - maybe that's why all of those people were pulled over watching the trees when we drove through the other day
Chad: people pull over to watch birds nest?
Me: I guess
Chad: How fun could that be?
Me: And how long would it take?
Chad: Look honey - a blue herron is flying in with twigs in it's mouth
Me: Aww..and now it's weaving the twigs together with grass to build a nest
Chad: And now it's flying away to go get more twigs - wonder how long before it comes back
Me: What a boring process to watch
Chad: Maybe it would be better with beer
Me: So, we'd be sitting in our car..pulled off to the side of the metro parks, drinking and watching birds build nests?
Chad: Yea - that sounds awful
Me: But you would watch it, and maybe even DVR it, if it were on planet earth on tv
Chad: Well then it would be in HD
Me: So it would be clear enough that you felt like you were there?
Chad: Exactly
Me: So we wouldn't watch it in person - but we would watch it on HD so it felt like we were there
Chad: But we could do it from our couch...while drinking beer
Me: Makes sense

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