Friday, March 27, 2009

It takes a village

If it seems like all I blog about lately is Carter's sleep - it's because all I seem to think about lately is Carter's sleep. Will he sleep, won't he sleep, why will he, why won't he, what do we need to try, what have we tried, what's next, is there something wrong, is it us, is it him, you name it...we have asked it.

I have been trying tactics from a book called "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child." Friends of ours (thank you Craig and Kathleen) said that this book was helpful. And it seems to be so far. And as you can see - I am also keeping a sleep and eating log. That way when I bring Carter to the doctor in April and cry my eyes out about how he still won't sleep - I will have documented proof.

We also bumped up his bedtime some (thank you Wendy) since I guess babies get overly tired and then can't sleep. Who knew?

Another tactic we're trying (which I was a freak about at first) is - letting him sleep with his blankie. He has a green blanket that he LOVES (thank you great grandma Mee). I have been following the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations on babies and blankets in cribs (they state that infants cannot have blankets or toys in cribs while they sleep until they can roll, sit up and grab things with their hands). But - he is officially allowed to have a blanket at night now. So the blanket went in and he cuddled with it all night.

Other Misc tactics: Our happy faces are still up on the wall, we have the baby aquarium running in full force and we use lavender baby massage gel at night to help calm him down.

Now - I am not saying he's sleeping through the night. BUT he is sleeping more throughout the night. Which is a huge step for us. Thank you to everyone for helping us with this. Some of you have heard about Carter's sleep for months now and calmly still listen to me rant about it. We have friends that have given very helpful advice, have offered to watch Carter so we can get sleep, have brought us beer when we are pulling our hair out, still love us when we look like crap from not sleeping, you name it.

Thank you to everyone. Now, just remember how much you loved us and Carter when he's 16 and just smashed your mailbox off it's stand with a baseball bat.

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