Friday, March 6, 2009

Geek Squad to the rescue...

We're back up and running! I tried the best buy geek squad for the first time and they were great! Thank You geek squad... I was starting to feel lost and depressed without my laptop.
For some reason, when my computer is down ... all electronic devices cease to exist to me. So I have limited pictures from the last week as well...not sure why I was not capable of using my camera.
A few Carter updates:
1.) He army crawled from one side of the carpet in the living room to the other side. And all for a tv remote control. Not to one of the hundreds of toys we have for the tv remote.
2.) He babbled the word "Dada." But then followed it up with "aboo-blahhh-baa-booo-ahhh-goooo" and some drool.
3.) He sat in a shopping cart for the first time.
4.) He sat at the table at breakfast (at a restaurant) in the restaurants high chair for the first time.
(#'s 3 and 4 are due to the fact that he's ridiculously heavy now - so we have switched him to his "big boy" car seat and he can't ride in his car seat into stores and restaurants anymore)

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